Yanderes x Reader : Deceiving

Yanderes x Reader : Deceiving

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They say looks can be bought out to be a first impression. They say that a smile can be a first impression. They say that greetings can be a first impression. But would you trust that person? Would you believe them all the way? Would you take a liking towards them? 

They say never judge a book by its cover. Some may think that this quote is for those who are weak looking. But is it really? Never jump to conclusions because things may not be what it seems. Because everything can be quite...


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AADWK_1994 AADWK_1994 Dec 06, 2017
When you hear 13 year olds that are taller than you. 😭 #23y.o.and155cm
Jungshooku Jungshooku Nov 01, 2017
The fact that she’s 16 and only in her first year of high school
                              I’m actually 5’4 rn but I’m in 8th grade(13)
Cometsky Cometsky Aug 08, 2017
5"5 also this is me except it's ONE of my bipolar personalities
QueenPotato05 QueenPotato05 Aug 28, 2017
Author-chan.... Do you stalk me IRL? Because... This is a perfect description of me.... Except the part wen I'm 5'4... I'm actually 5'8... XD
Ramen-X-Noodles Ramen-X-Noodles Jun 20, 2017
I am 5'4" my personality's somewhat the same and I'm 12 turning 13 on July 21
KiaTheInsomniac KiaTheInsomniac Jul 29, 2017
My name's Saskia but I always use Kia as my first name in X Readers so I guess my nickname in this will be Kiki lmao