I'm a ghost crush

I'm a ghost crush

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Kang Chul. By pandajuliet Updated Jul 16

Charlotte Im, a seventeen year old girl who has slightly hazel wavy hair, dark brown eyes, and is actually a mixed blood live in Seoul after 13 years lived at overseas. She moved back to Seoul at 16 year old, living her life like any usual carefree high school life.

Fitting herself in the new atmosphere pretty quick, she loves the way she live now. it's just a normal high school story.


During her seventeen, she lived like usual, going forth and back from school to house, loved by the people around her. Everything is perfect. But one day when she's in a coffee shop where there are books on the shelves, relaxing with coffee and the coffee scent around her, she reads one of her favourite book peacefully. Until she saw a figure standing outside of the coffee house, staring at her.

He has a good looks, totally can blew anyone away but, she noticed it's not an ordinary person.

She figured out that figure is not clear, like disappearing into the thin air. What is that? She thought to herself.

Little do she knows, that's definitely not an ordinary person.

It's a ghost.

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ahmadpadha ahmadpadha Aug 30
Till now i realy like  it and i am sure that i will fell in with this
Can we see good looking ghosts ? Bcuz according to conjuring they r really scary NOT . 
                              No offense By The Way
saratov1975 saratov1975 Sep 02
I'm still trying to get my thoughts together that Baekhyun is the guy staring at her......
Tealeaf28 Tealeaf28 Sep 01
i cant belive got7 works at a cafe i wanna get Marks coffeee
Mengs347 Mengs347 Apr 06
Oh my gosh~! I love the story already~!!! Please update more author~nim ♡♡♡
wolf_rock99 wolf_rock99 Nov 24
OOHH like that time he said " I ordered 8 chickens but I only got 7 " the rest started laughing 😂😂😂