Ms.Troublemaker and the Hero (Budo Masuta X Reader)

Ms.Troublemaker and the Hero (Budo Masuta X Reader)

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Update:Story is completed!
Sequel is out! Title of it is "Dealing with a Delinquent"

(Name), someone who was feared by almost everyone in school due to some past events she had committed. But now regretted doing. Trying to switch her life around from doing crimes and hurting others, she meets someone, Budo Masuta, the martial arts master. At first the two didn't click, him a somewhat cocky, confident, enthusiastic, brave person while she was a rule breaking, overly cocky, daredevil. But both had things in common, they never backed down from a challenge, no matter how difficult it is.

Is this love or a mistake?

HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA! Nah I'd say... "Sorry hold on I need to take a shutsu." Then leave.
Im not as upset because there are characters that i like that are basically 6 and im only 5' its not fair im not growing anymore
Madamance Madamance Oct 18
Excuse me, but I was an enforcer. This means I used to beat people up for a living. I think I can walk myself home.
bubbletwist1 bubbletwist1 3 days ago
Me: do you know who i am taro?
                              Taro:no...why do you ask?
                              Me: im a delinquent now leave me alone, i've had worst then a few damn scrapes on my knees... now move along...and if not..
                              YOUR IN FOR A BAD TIME...
Oh~ I think that I found myself a stalker!~ How did you learn my phone number!?
Gets memorys of that girl that pull a sword out of her tattoo from blue exorcist*