Ms.Troublemaker and the Hero (Budo Masuta X Reader)

Ms.Troublemaker and the Hero (Budo Masuta X Reader)

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Yu can go Blerp By Lady_midnight_writer Completed

Update:Story is completed!
Sequel is out! Title of it is "Dealing with a Delinquent"

(Name), someone who was feared by almost everyone in school due to some past events she had committed. But now regretted doing. Trying to switch her life around from doing crimes and hurting others, she meets someone, Budo Masuta, the martial arts master. At first the two didn't click, him a somewhat cocky, confident, enthusiastic, brave person while she was a rule breaking, overly cocky, daredevil. But both had things in common, they never backed down from a challenge, no matter how difficult it is.

Is this love or a mistake?

Hi ho. Hi ho. Off to mop blood I go! Do do do do do do do do do SENPAI! Don't notice me right- Oh hi senpai uh...
Yo Ms. Canon, do you ship Shin and Oka cause... *unladylike snickering*
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Everyone has the same face...
                              It's you're hair
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Ayano: Hey you alri-
                              Me: Touch me again and I will kill you and your family
                              Ayano: Alright