Lost Memories

Lost Memories

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c h r i s By christinelovedale Updated Nov 08, 2016

[ O N   H O L D   U N T I L   J U N E   2 0 1 7 ]

When Andrew McCarty moves to Ellensburgh he had planned to keep his head low and mind his own business. But just one meeting with the girl he thought he wouldn't see again, he's convinced things will never be the same.

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tatteredhearts tatteredhearts Jul 07, 2016
That was very....hurried, but I was expecting an accident of some sort to happen
Lovestruck_gal Lovestruck_gal May 20, 2016
That you were Romeo and you were throwing pebbles and my daddy said stay away from Juliet... ❤❤❤
lolitamcwan lolitamcwan Jan 24
This book is so aesthetically pleasing...the plot sounds promising and everything is so well planned out. I can already sense this is going to be a hit when you write it @christinelovedale.
Lovestruck_gal Lovestruck_gal May 20, 2016
Nah ah Andy girls are equally strong get that straight in ur head !!!!
Im_more_than_insane Im_more_than_insane Nov 13, 2016
My friend called me a bitch he was a boy. He was trying to make me fight him to see who was strongest. When I chased him he ran and. When I caught up to him I tackled him and held his face and and twisted his arm until he said sorry
MyraAnjaan MyraAnjaan May 14, 2016
Hey are the parents mentioned in the further chapter no really hers? The story is becoming really interesting. Looking forward to reading other chps