Teachers Pet [#WATTYS2016]

Teachers Pet [#WATTYS2016]

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Ava's life changed when she walked in on her boyfriend cheating on her with the schools slut. 
Going on a trip to London to this about her relationship with Brad, she meets someone, someone she falls for. 

Upon arriving back home Ava is wanting to put her trip to London behind her and focus on her relationship. 
But things become more complicated when the man she fell for back in London shows up in her hometown as her new P.E teacher. 

Ava battles her feelings between both guys, knowing that someone is going to end up getting hurt in the end. 

And what will happen when Ava finds out she is pregnant from the fling she had back in London.

Melanie409 Melanie409 Apr 13
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satanicteddybear satanicteddybear 2 days ago
Friendly tip don't start every paragraph with her name use she or her if it's not from her perspective or if it is use I
My mom is here saying I can stay home for as long as I want and she won't be disappointed
ali_rod3 ali_rod3 May 13
Ava this Ava that. Readers would understand if you just said she or didn't write in third person
KimDabney KimDabney Mar 18
Off to a good start. A lot of sentences sure start with Ava..
noitcarttaevol noitcarttaevol Dec 27, 2016
I love this book! Pls check out and comment on my works. :))