Bite Me~ Marshall Lee X Reader

Bite Me~ Marshall Lee X Reader

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Click Bait, yeah? By Sparkle566 Updated Aug 04, 2016

As a loyal citizen and co-protector of the land of Aaa, you love and cherish all of its people.

Well all except one. The Vampire King, Marshall Lee, has somehow earned his way onto your "I completely hate your guts" list. You can't stand being around him.

But maybe he can change your mind?

Yori_Oscuro Yori_Oscuro Jul 04
(゚д゚) "Why must you do this to me Fionna I WANTED TO JUST GO HOME AND FACEPLANT ON MY DANG BED AND SLEEP DANGIT... but yeah sure I'll do it :)
                              Fionna & cake: (⊙_⊙")
Plays Hamilton
                              Alexander: I can't disobey a direct order 
                              John Lawrence: Then ill do it
Fionna: Shadow will do it 
                              Shadow: *points both middle fingers* F*ck No! Bye! *Walks away*
Nothin much just reading a fanfi-
                              oh wait he means gumball...
                              Not the reader...
Can we just take moment to appreciate that this will benefit us, the readers, later in the story? So in my case, thank you Fiona.
Yori_Oscuro Yori_Oscuro Jul 04
(¬_¬) Tch 
                              Me:Levi what you doin here ._. 
                              *Eren grabs Levi*
                              Eren: wrong place man 
                              Levi: Tch..