2AM Talks| ✓

2AM Talks| ✓

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Mignon French By Chatachino Completed

"Help me," a frightened voice whispered.

"STOP CALLING, especially at 2AM! It was fun but nothing special,  a  o-n-e   n-i-g-h-t  s-t-a-n-d." 

"Wait, what happened last night?" The boy stifled a laugh, through tears. 

"Superman lost his spandex's-wait who is this?" 



A boy made it  his mission in grade eleven to add everyone in his grade as contacts. They all had a emoji for their contact name, unless they held significants to him.

:) = 04 982 562 789 

Now, two years into college, life is killing him. Literally. 

So he calls someone in his contact list, not knowing who, just asking for help because he was holding a bottle full of sleeping pills. 

He was the top jock, quarter back on the football team. Now he's no one.

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Anj0921 Anj0921 May 09, 2017
Do you mind if I copy your copyright statement? I can't think of any for my book. 😂😂
Lovely_Iris_15 Lovely_Iris_15 May 17, 2017
I actually want to do this, just to see if people actually would. 😁
Xx_aly27_xX Xx_aly27_xX Feb 19
You see this is why people should care about popularity. In high school you think you the shît when your not then you graduate and then what was it all for. To be remembered in a bad way for all the bad things you did just for popularity. I just don’t understand society sometimes.
HinataH13TZ HinataH13TZ Dec 08, 2016
With 5he amount of reads it has, I doubt it's any less than amazing
solebrie solebrie Dec 02, 2016
Thought  this was the girl talking and read almost all of it before realizinfb
Zuaniee13 Zuaniee13 Sep 03, 2016
is it wattpad story? can u give details? or like who's the author? bcs these book's name is cliché... there is thiusand of them