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❥ Doll~♡ By MoroseDolly Completed

  "What's wrong?"
  "There's this guy...."
  "I think I've fallen in love with someone, Chat."
  Marinette's used to Chloe. Her constant nagging, whining and bullying have long since stopped affecting her. Chloe doesn't even know how to properly insult people. Besides, even if she did, she wouldn't do that.... Would she?
  Marinette's strong, but she's not this strong. So when a certain pun-cracking feline hero helps her through her struggle, she finds herself falling, and fast. But that's the thing with falling. You land.
  There will be a chapter or two that mention triggering topics ( please do not read what they are if you are sensitive or have recently gone through this struggle.)
  -Suicidal thoughts
  *I do not own any of the characters that are from the Television Series, "Miraculous Ladybug".
  **This story is a work of pure fiction. Any resemblance to anyone you may know, online or in real life, is entirely coincidental and was not intended. Should I choose to include someone from the real world, I will have the proper recognition for this.
  ***All the ideas in this book (Aside from elements from "Miraculous Ladybug",) are entirely mine and are not to be copied or abused in any way.
  ****This book was written for enjoyment. Should you wish to create your own story using the same ideas as me, please send a DM. If given permission, I would appreciate you tagging me or giving the proper credit.
  ---Thank you for reading down to here. I know it was long ^^'---

WHY YOU GOT TO BE SO RUUUUUUUDE?! Sorry, I had that song stuck in my head. 😂😂😂😂
KittyGuin KittyGuin Mar 20
this is why i should kill chloe.... NO.ONE.HURTS.MARINETTE.AND.LIVES!!!!!! WHO SHALL JOIN ME?!?!?!?!!?! RAISE YOUR HAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
gaby518 gaby518 Aug 02, 2016
Wait is seeing black spost in ur vision while being lost in thought bad?
izzay1da1llama izzay1da1llama Sep 08, 2016
With that attitude (cat-titude) you might as well get Mari akumatised
BarrbiieBlue BarrbiieBlue Aug 13, 2016
Ya think... Once my teacher scold me from studying. Bruh wtf
Chocolatee-Chan Chocolatee-Chan Sep 11, 2016
Omg this is the only fanfic that has ever made me cry.(You write really well 👌👏