Taming Mr. Arrogant (#Wattys2018)

Taming Mr. Arrogant (#Wattys2018)

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Meet Christina A. Cruz. 

Single.  Simple. Incredibly Beautiful. 

She's the girl who possesses refined manners and right conduct_ well- disciplined, kind, thoughtful and considerate. Other than these, she's also smart,  graduated Bachelor of Science in Accountancy.  With this degree, she promised she would go to her dream city yet the busiest city in the world and work. She wants to be independent, though it hurts for her to leave her family and loved ones behind. This isn't just the reason why she wants to go New York.  Flying to New York has always been her dream... or maybe there's another more valid reason. 


Meet Axel Evans. 

Arrogant.  Mysterious. Incredibly Handsome. 

A tyrant multi millionaire, the CEO of the Evans Company, Inc. He isn't kind. Rudeness and coldness screams his aura. So full of power and arrogance. Women chase him but he just leaves them hopeless and heartbroken. He never says  'please' and 'thank you'. He fired his employees with just a snap of his fingers. He's a tyrant who thinks he has everything_ wealth, women, intelligence and striking good looks. Well he has everything but someone... A woman?!


What happens when the opposites bump into each other? 

Will they attract or will they repel? 

Let's join Christina and Axel in their journey of finding their love and happiness in New York.

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It's fine, really. That's why I said that because I'm also busy like other teenagers out there. I need my readers' help.
naomidxx naomidxx May 11
This is good but just spoiled all ur hard work on the rest of the book xx
B-But I'm in love with another... I-I'm I'm in love with...
I always notice mistakes in grammar or spelling. I just never feel the need to point it out unless I don't understand ....
Uh... I don't mean to be that type of reader... But isn't this more of an introduction and not a prologue because a prologue is something that happens before the point of time the story...?
You shouldn't have said that. I'm a grammar freak. Usually, I just keep it to myself. But I always notice.