In a Split Second (Barry Allen/ the flash)

In a Split Second (Barry Allen/ the flash)

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that_theater_ginger By that_theater_ginger Updated Aug 10, 2017

Emily has always been a little on the weird side. Considering her parents died in a bad "accident". At least that's what the police said. 

She got put into the foster care and met Barry Allen and Iris West. They became best friends. That is until the Queens decided to adopt Emily. And she worked with the arrow until people started to catch on. 

So she decided to go back to Central to see her best friends. But what she doesn't realize is that when she finally sees her friends again. Her life will change in a split second.

WARNING: this book does not follow the tv series. 

(I do NOT own cw's the flash or any of the characters you recognize. I just own Emily and her life and some of the plot of this book.)

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