sequel to my dads an assassin (not updated anymore)

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silverwings By CryingSilver Updated 4 years ago
book two-my dads an assassin is book one
    if you've read my works you know plots are not my stronpoint. this is the most deatiled plot i have come up with so yeah. expect randomness and insanity in this book
    He raised her, taught her everything she knows, helped her though everything. He was the one person she trusted without any reserves. But he’s been hiding things from her. He made it impossible for her to find her mother, but she’s determined to find the answer to the question that has always plagued her. She starts digging into his past. She’s shocked and surprised to find what he hid from her.  Then comes the secret he kept, the one that’s ever worse than the secret about her mother. Life was hard before, but now she’s on her own. Can she survive when her dad isn’t there to fix her mistakes?  She always knew he was hiding things. But now it’s time for the truth to be revealed. No more waiting. No more lies. No more secrets. Can she survive this new reality? More importantly, can she survive the fight against the man who taught her everything she knows?
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