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Innocents {Kellic}

Innocents {Kellic}

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Kellic4Lyfe By Kellic4Lyfeee Updated Sep 18, 2016

Kellin's parents were very protective over him. He new nothing about sex or anything related to it. He assumed that babies happen when two people loved each other a lot....that's what he mom said at least.

Vic was a rebellious teen boy with a huge sex drive. It was always on his mine.
But once Vic moved in next to a cute, girly, innocent boy...he just can't stay away. His innocence was sort of addictive.

angelbitten- angelbitten- Sep 17, 2016
And the Katy Perry song just popped into my head, so thanks for that
chrisdacookiemonsta chrisdacookiemonsta Sep 24, 2016
BRB LEMME GET THE BLEACH. Boy, do I love wallowing in my single shame
Roses are red
                              Violets are blue
                              That escalated quickly
                              And it's nice to meet you
KnBGoM KnBGoM Apr 25, 2016
I CANT EVEN PLEASE CONTINUE I NEED MORE THE SMUT OMG (but take your time updating i know writing is hard <3 )
skylerwyler02 skylerwyler02 Dec 13, 2016
I'm c r i n g i n g it's not because of the way it's written he's just so oblivious and it makes me feel like there's a giant age gap
*dies of laughter of the thought of Vic Being tall and Kellin Being smoll*