Adam and Evie

Adam and Evie

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Marissa By xWinterFallzx3 Completed

What happens when last year's nerd becomes Hollywood's next superstar?

Before she became Evie Chase, Hollywood's Golden Girl, Evie was nothing more than a nobody at the bottom of the Roosevelt High food chain. Her best friend? Popular jock Adam Fields--who she didn't leave with on very good terms. To put it bluntly, they never spoke again.     

Fast forward three years, and everything's changed. Seventeen, senior year, forgetting the past. Evie's out in LA living the dream, and Adam's still at home finishing off high school. She thinks it's all behind her, while he tries to uphold his belief in not regretting things in life. And all goes well--the both of them living their separate lives--until . . .       

She's back.

**Warning: This is the story's first rough draft, so it has not gone under any major editing.**

This is why I never had a diary. I knew someone would read it.
Maybe she didn't write about you, you ignorant, conceited prick. Though, I have to be open minded and consider his side of the story, but I'm angry!!
SweetDreamer95 SweetDreamer95 Jul 21, 2016 01:46AM
Grace left to be popular but it was Evie that became famous. She got what she deserve and I hope Grace loose everything. As for Adam your despicable, you listened to Grace you gave Evie space but you lost her and she now hates you
EboniiOnWatt EboniiOnWatt Aug 25, 2016 03:59PM
Watch Evelyn grow up to be famous while Grace gonna be the one washing her 100,000$ butterfly door car. 😂
shell1111 shell1111 Jul 27, 2016 12:12PM
Saaaame but imma just pretend he isn't o'brien because Dylan wouldn't do that
sunsetree sunsetree Aug 11, 2016 03:36PM
She's talking like Bellatrix Lestrange and she's probably mad and ugly as her too.