trois ✧ l.s

trois ✧ l.s

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the styles brothers: edward and harry. combined, the duo are reckless and arrogant, preying on young males for reasons that remain unknown to outsiders. 

harry styles, 17: withholds an innocent façade in order lure potential submissives into their mind-games. approachable, though others recommend not getting too close. 

edward syles, 19: displays acts of extreme dominance to others, merciless and uptight. not to be approached under any circumstances. 

louis tomlinson, 15: virgin, innocent. enjoys wearing feminine clothes and knee-high socks. obliviously targeted by none other than harry and edward. easily approachable. 

(for now.)

kammelie kammelie Oct 13
how twins (born at the same time) have a 2 years age difference?👏
That smile don't lie. Make me wanna *ssssssss* x100000000 one more night
felicite stop trying to steal your brothers husband pls and thank you