Diamonds (MyStreet Guys X Reader)

Diamonds (MyStreet Guys X Reader)

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s k r u b a d u b d u b 🐼 🍪 By Weefie Updated Jul 12

I just moved onto Phoenix Avenue and I feel amazing! I can't wait to start fresh! I was unloading the boxes from the moving truck when a group of girls and guys came up to me.
That marked the start of my new life.

This was inspired by Aphmau's MyStreet series. Aphmau, Kawaii~Chan, Katelyn, Garroth, Laurence, Dante, Travis, Brendan, Vylad, Zane, Reese, Nicole, and Cadenza are not my characters and I give full credit to Aphmau for that. Pls no report, I haf dun nutin wrong. :P

Things to Look For:
(Y/N) - Your Name
(Y/L) - Your Last Name
(E/C) - Eye Color
(H/C) - Hair Color
(F/C) - Favorite Color
(O/C/C) - Other Choice Color
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Bold - Comments/Other Info
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Wolfy_Draws Wolfy_Draws Jul 22
*hugs garroth* Your a stutter king...MY stutter king. 😊 THAT WAS SO CHEESY...
This reminds me of my x the reader the new girl or something like that
ItsMePloyYT ItsMePloyYT Aug 09
Da stutter king is garroth and Dante was the one who made him a Casanova anyways so dunno why he's interfering
I cresecentchriz crown Garroth as the stutter king of *insert ideas* all hail Garroth!!! *gestures to everyone to bowdown*
Wolfy_Draws Wolfy_Draws Jul 22
It's waiter Aaron...or Zane. Maybe even Lucinda, but there's an extremely small chance of that. :T
Anyone else read "oh my stars!" In peridots voice.... just me...
                              I'll go home now