my baby  {vkook}

my baby {vkook}

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catch these hands By minijimini Updated Oct 03

the baby belongs to the babysitter 

but what if the baby wants to be more than just a baby to the sitter 

mama can't know

;in which Taehyung claims that Jungkook is his baby;

GeekyNeko GeekyNeko Nov 26
I can play Save Me, Danger, Dope, Baepsae, NO, 21 Century Girl, and Bs&t on the recorder
sugarvsh sugarvsh Oct 06
when i was in 5th, our grade got a chance to play the recorder songs in a christmas performance for our school. But since we were so bad at the recorders, we never got to play it. lmao
vminVEVO vminVEVO Nov 06
When I was 10 I hated myself and attempted suicide twice yet I was still innocent...not anymore tho FETUS  WHAT'S REALLY GOOD
yunglxan yunglxan Jul 23
that apple juice , that juice juice , that grass juice - all types of juice
--Error--- --Error--- Nov 08
At 11 I stayed home alone a lot. Well not really alone I had my sisters but still
--Error--- --Error--- Nov 08
You have a 13 year old take care of a 11 year things will get out of hand...