my baby  {vkook}

my baby {vkook}

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your cool librarian By jjktrbl Updated Feb 09

the baby belongs to the babysitter 

but what if the baby wants to be more than just a baby to the sitter 

mama can't know

;in which Taehyung claims that Jungkook is his baby;

plskth plskth Mar 13
aww at least she keeps him well fed, but i still aint taken back what i said
I honestly don't think she's a bad mom. She is human like the rest of us and she made that choice of being a prostitute to support herself and her own son that she obviously loves.
This sounds so pure, that's when you know it's gonna get kinky @pjmisagod
colormeARMY colormeARMY Feb 15
She's a really good mom. Parents will do anything for there kids. I don't blame her. I would do the same in a heartbeat if I was a mom and that was the only job I could do at the moment
If she didnt abuse jungkook and love him fr then she's still cool
- - Jan 11
Honestly a lot of people are calling her a slut and I just want to call her brave. A lot of people go into prostitution to provide as a last option sort of thing and it's really sad. Thia mini rant will seem hella pointless though if it turns out she isn't a prostitute