The Princess Academy

The Princess Academy

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chasing_stories By chasing_stories Completed

Being royal isn't all its cracked up to be.       

I've lived a regular life        

I'm living a royal one now        

And out of the two……..     

I'd pick normal any day

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  • highschool
  • kiss
  • love
  • prince
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Unknownx0-0 Unknownx0-0 Oct 12, 2017
                              My birthday is on the Feb 28th
Musix4life Musix4life Mar 12, 2017
I really like your fast but accurate time explanation, like i can imagine it even without further details😀😀😀😀
AnnaEwa281 AnnaEwa281 Feb 04
"Your generation gets to fall in love with a commoner and I have to make do with an arranged marriage, rich, very rich😏
girlmeetsworld10 girlmeetsworld10 Oct 04, 2017
I actually thought his real name was Weird Al Yankovic... DARN IT!
D-to-cute D-to-cute Jan 14, 2017
She just doesn't care that she's a princess like "o ok my parents left a secret this big from me for 16 years I'm gonna go pack now like wtf"😶😶😶
readergrl97 readergrl97 Sep 13, 2016
He is a prince,  they meet up at the dance and are so shocked to see each other,  but cupid is in the air and BAM! they fall in love  case closed.