|SasuHina| We could try?...

|SasuHina| We could try?...

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[mature audiences only] 

After the war things changed...Sasuke decided to stay, Hinata is still Grieving the lost of Neji , Naruto is so blind to Hinata's affection towards him and Sakura hopes that Sasuke will finally love her...

Too bad nothing goes to plan when Sasuke slowly every day falls in love with Hinata...Hinata strong feelings for Sasuke but a bit of rivalry...Naruto still doesn't notice Hinata's affection and manages to fall in love with Sakura...and Sakura would do anything to make Sasuke want her...


(This book involves some grammar mistakes which I'm not really going to fix so please grammar police but your dictionaries down and enjoy )

arroz4laranja arroz4laranja Dec 12, 2016
Dudeeee he remembered Shino but couldn't remember Hinata!!!! I mean WTF???
AndreiaVieiraSantinh AndreiaVieiraSantinh Apr 07, 2016
Aww that was sweet, I'm liking your fic :) 
                              I'm a huge sasuhina fan! Can't get enough of those two, hope you don't make this a love triangle story though. Please update soon :) thanks
naruhina_4_life naruhina_4_life Dec 04, 2016
Rip neji-niisan 😭😭 i will miss you.. Always 😭💔❤