Legendary Superheroes | Pietro Maximoff|Tony Stark daughter| Discontinue

Legendary Superheroes | Pietro Maximoff|Tony Stark daughter| Discontinue

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Based of of Avengers Age of Ultron 

"Why do you want to help them? They have done nothing to help us so why should we help them?" 

"Because we can be something that we never thought we can be in our whole life's. We can be heroes." 

"That part is true. But not just heroes. Legendary heroes. No, no, no wait. Legendary Superheroes. Yeah that's it."

Her name is Jessica Stark. She's the daughter of Tony Stark. She's the meaning of perfection and rebellion. Jessica is just like her father smart, sarcastic, and rich. To be your typical bad girl but a straight A student at the same time. But what people don't know that she is also the Canary, one of the Earth's Mightiest Heros. When Jessica runs into the Sokovian speedster it's love at  first sight. We'll sort of. It was a more of knock her down and scream at him kind of met. Not very nice nor romantic. But when her father and her creates a robot to keep peace but fails and ends up being insane that's when things went down hill. In Africa he ends up kidnapping her to help him build his body. She refuse and Ultron locks her up. In the prison Pietro and her got pretty close. 

Sorry I suck at descriptions. But I really want you guys to read the first chapter about the main character Jessica Stark it will be really useful in the future. Please and thank you. Also I own nothing except my made up characters and plot changes, the rest belongs to Marvel.

Last title: Legendary Superheroes 

 First published on: July 8, 2016

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Fizzsgirl Fizzsgirl Oct 10, 2017
Add on one more year and it's my birthday oh my gosh I finally found a story that uses my bday and it's great
1995ae 1995ae Oct 08, 2016
It's spelled Korean and it's not Chinese it's mandarin and Chinese dialect
OliviaMayRhee OliviaMayRhee Oct 03, 2016
wouldn't it be Greek not Greece ETHER WAY good start i like it lol