Sharp Teeth ↟ Alec Lightwood

Sharp Teeth ↟ Alec Lightwood

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Mia Hathway is a werewolf who was taken in by Luke Garroway at a young age. When her best friend Clary discovers she's a Shadowhunter and her mom goes missing, Mia is pulled into her friend's quest to save her mom.

In a world where Downworlders and Nephilim don't get along, how will Mia cope with befriending Shadowhunters and developing feelings for one of them, whilst dealing with Clary's mission and her packs demands at the same time?

Honestly I suck at summaries, just give it a shot, pretty please? *bribes you with cookies*

[based on shadowhunters]
[alec lightwood]
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Will if they don't like this then y are they  reading this book btw I can tell this is going to be a cool book
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