Yandere Brother x Reader x Yandere Sister

Yandere Brother x Reader x Yandere Sister

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Guro_frosting_15 By Guro_frosting_15 Updated Dec 27, 2017

You are (y/n)

a sweet thirteen year old that could brighten up anyone's day with your smile. That is until your mother and father got into an argument and killed each other...

You were put into an orphanage where no one cared about your existence. That all changed on one fateful day...

  • brother
  • killer
  • orphan
  • sister
  • xreader
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KookieSuga KookieSuga Jan 02
Ugh...he's name is Takashi but my OC's last name is Takashi....UGHHHHHHHH
                              What that emoji looks like a llama
Lost-Twilight Lost-Twilight Sep 29, 2017
Actually, England is an amazing cook, but he cooks badly for other people because he worries so much about what they will think about it that he screws it up.
MewTwaila MewTwaila Sep 18, 2017
                              (I'm super dirty minded but the first thing I thought of was hide n seek)
JMei_Writes JMei_Writes Jan 21
How are you going to insert our choices into the future part of the story?
MewTwaila MewTwaila Sep 18, 2017
All I can think about are the songs they would play in PE on field days...