Fangs in Space

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Christa By drDevil Completed
The queen of the damned is bored, rich and insane. After civilisation makes first contact with a new species of alien that closely resembles humans, and are equally digestible, she decides to broaden her hunting territory and invade the lovely peaceful planet of Roke. Only she hadn't counted on there being a vampire-equivalent at Roke, with a pissed-off king that will hunt her down and kill her for this blatant provocation. War of the fangs, with laser beams, and a bit of romance.
Finally started to read this. God I'm such a procrastinator. I was chewing on my nails while reading this but then I got all selfconcious haha.
LOL the 3 boobd reminded me of Total Recal...
                                    I am liking this a lot..Very clever.
Tim was right... This IS crazy, but in an awesome way. I really am speechless... :0
I know this isn't "Earth vs. the Smurfs." But that's what it reminded me of. I love it.
I guess the bummer of being immortal and invincible is the boredom.  The short paragraphs with sparse description add to the sense that there is nothing new for the Queen.
Nice! I liked the history behind them, I wished you described it a bit more tho :(
                                    But it's still really cool :)