Dirty Dolan Imagines.

Dirty Dolan Imagines.

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speciallydolan By speciallydolan Updated Nov 01


I'm ellie and I have a very dirty mind and happen to stan the Dolan twins and write my sexual fantasies down for y'all to read and enjoy.

I apologise now if I kill your vagina in any of these imagines.

one word. AMAZING. I can relate, I am dirty minded too XD XD
babyBarone babyBarone May 04
Can someone check out my story please. I just started it and I would like to know if I should keep it going
OMFG, I legit feel like I just had sex with Ethan Dolan. That just made my day. thank you XD :D
Omg your so dirty minded haha 😈😈😈😈 I like you haha
babyBarone babyBarone Apr 15
Wtf I hate you. I'm on my bus reading this. This isn't good. 😭
ELLIE. ELLIE PLEASE ANSWER ME IM ACTUALLY BEGGING YOU. do u know how much the 4OU tickets are ???? Please answer asap thank u