The Captive

The Captive

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BabeRuthless99 By BabeRuthless99 Completed

When her village is attacked by the beasts, Vasilisa knows as a woman she will do no good for her family. She makes the life or death decision to cut her hair before surrendering herself to the beasts, knowing that as a boy she has a better chance of escaping with her life. As she grows use to the harsh treatment of labor, the Alpha returns and she is shockingly attracted to him. Will she choose to run for her family's safety, or stay for her own?

Scar has had a tough life. Hardened at the moment of his mother's death, he's hated all Vampyres since he was a young boy. When the lines are drawn and war is being threatened around every corner, he commands his packs to take up residences in villages across the country. When he visits the one that is to be his headquarters, he is shocked to find that his mate is no other than a boy! A strange boy named V, with the eyes of a girl. He tempts his darkest desires and raises his greatest loathings. How could he ever love another man, but how could he not when that man is who fate chose for him?

Beautiful art in cover by artist: Michael Shapcott

  • attack
  • gender-bender
  • mates
  • village
  • war
MsGirlEV MsGirlEV 4 days ago
My face is girly and my voice so they would probably think of me as a really girl guy. At least my boobs are small so maybe itll for easier to disguse :\
12capfollowback 12capfollowback Aug 29, 2017
V reminds me of BTS, nonetheless awesome story. In love with V 😁😁
TheAuthorCreator TheAuthorCreator Jun 13, 2017
Awww, I find passing as a boy exciting (I'm bored most of the time) But I never succeed because my eyes are too feminine and my face is round and more baby-like.
Cheyxox124 Cheyxox124 Dec 29, 2016
Taehyung oppa ❤️❤️............. I'm sorry, thats the first thing that came to my mind when I saw 'V'
cassandra1415 cassandra1415 Jul 04, 2016
This is my fifth or sixth time going through this book. I still love it! :)
rayhanasia11 rayhanasia11 Jun 25, 2016
I would rather read this book then spend family time with everyone down stairs!