Phanfiction (a phan smutty-fluffy story)

Phanfiction (a phan smutty-fluffy story)

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Mary G By forevercheeseballz Updated Aug 07, 2013

Hi!!! This is my first work.... So i thought i would just start with some phan ^.^ there might be some racy and raunchy scenes *.* buckle up!!!!!  



His hands started at my face and traveled lower to my belt, searching, exploring, kissing, and loving me, loving my body, making my imperfections perfections. His gorgeous brown eyes looked into mine, asking for permission. I barely managed a nod as he began to undo my belt, while still grinding against my hardened member. My eyes widened as he did the same to his pants. They widened still when i saw his erection through his orange speckled boxers. My pulse quickened and my mouth went dry. I decided i would take some control. With my pants at my ankles, i grabbed his hips and brought him crashing down on me. Our heads touched, (four in total) and i kissed him passionately. Our tongues began that elaborate dance that they so often conformed to in moments like these. He moved ...

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Tell me why there is so much figurative language about smut? 😂
ashrain2002 ashrain2002 Sep 11
when you say "right as i was about to come" it should say cum. I have read this like 5 times already and can not get over it i think you should add on and i would love it even more.
phan1231 phan1231 Jul 20
We do not use those motherfücking words in this god damn household
cottondragon cottondragon Oct 07, 2016
No your not dyslexic my friend suffers from it and it's not something to use as an excuse for misspelling.
definetlynotsophia definetlynotsophia Nov 20, 2016
Staaaahp DANYUL with the peniiiis jokes. The phans can't handle it. Wow the comments are hilarious