phone sex  - joshler

phone sex - joshler

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lara By inlovewithfalling Updated Nov 20, 2016

"Don't you think it's fascinating? Two people who have never seen each other, agree on lying to themselves and to each other on the telephone."

"Are you lying to me as well?"

[In which Josh is torn between the sweet temptation of phone calls and the sparkling excitement in real life]

Maybe Tyler IS Dylan!!
                              I mean, would you give ur name out to people over the phone???
and when i read that i felt so uncomfortable then remembered the book is called "Phone Sex" and i just sat there confused and dumb
why did i think of dirty dan from spongebob when he said dirty dylan
If it gets any smoother in here, I'm gonna slip and fall on my ass
Honestly you might be better at English than I am and it's my first language 😂😂
I can't be the only one that thought of dirty dan right ? 
                              I am ?
                              ...oh okay