The Insemination

The Insemination

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Alexandrea By NaturallySilly Updated Nov 01

"You where going to do what?" he shouts causing me to jump a bit. I look at his face and see anger on it. 

"I said I was thinking about it. I changed my mind," I rush to say. "I'm sorry." 

As he runs a hand through his hair he picks up the glass vase and throws it against the wall. Rushing past him, I hurry to the door. 

Once my hand is on the silver doorknob I pull it open only to have it closed. Turning around I meet his gaze. His normal blue eyes are now black with a hint of gold. 

"I think I should go," I say barely as a whisper. 

"Mine," he growls. 

"Yes, I know it's yours but-," I say but he cuts me off again. 

"Mine," he growls again. 

Before I have the chance to ask him what he meant, he hovers over my body, and before I have the chance to move, I feel sharp teeth penetrate my skin. Kicking and screaming, I try to move out of his grasp. 

Yelping out in pain, he finally takes his teeth out, and looks at me with his blue eyes. He looks at me in horror. 

"What did you do to me?"

Kelbell1115 Kelbell1115 Oct 21
How is she gonna have a baby if she's a virgin? Is she the new mother Mary? Lol
How about you say 'There, all done' thus forms the confusion of what he means and then your explanation later
seelylee seelylee Sep 16
I like the story so far, especially the unusual plot (and the good grammar!).
How about 'My eye's shift over towards another photo, in this one a woman hold's her new born baby snuggly in her arm's'
' "Really?" I ask with a sigh of relief, as he walks towards a sink and washed his hand's, "(his answer)" I smile as he assured me, drying off his hand's.
Maybe don't put 'perfect round belly' you can try 'perfectly round belly' I believe it sounds best.