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Laurance Stories/Theories/Rants :D (MCD)

Laurance Stories/Theories/Rants :D (MCD)

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ug.h By xblanc15 Completed

Anyone else know Laurance? The guy in Aphmau's Minecraft role play that killed almost everyone on S2 EP20? Yeah, that guy. These are some stories I came up w/ revolving around him. This book will also include random rants/theories revolving around him or MCD/PDH/MS/MS S2/etc, so yeah. Enjoy :)
            WARNING: Some of these are based off of my personal headcannon of Laurance's past, so they might be really off. A lot of stuff about him is unconfirmed, like who his parents were, how they died, how he met Castor/The Chicken Shaman, etc, so some of these stories I write might end up being off from the furture episodes of MCD. Sorry!
            (Yes, this contains my OTP Laurmau [and laurchi ;~;] :D)
            P.S. The Cover art is by me :D

Ellisoth Ellisoth Jan 18
Omg castor! He really didnt care fot Laurance when he Said 'maby ull get adopted and fine good chicken house builders' or something like that XD
Rinlix Rinlix Jun 03, 2016
Castor will always be castor. Lol. Loves it and it was only the first chapter!
Shirayuki_Gaming Shirayuki_Gaming Aug 15, 2016
But you don't Know Who he really his don't Ya *Wiggles eyebrows*
I think I have watched that episode at least 5 times. ❤️Laurmau❤️
Gamekronicshotgun Gamekronicshotgun Apr 05, 2016
Laurence, if I was there, I would of loved to be your friend!
SoularRekun SoularRekun Jul 07, 2016
About the eye thing, you're wrong. Because his eyes were blue, but then when Cadenza came around, she dyed his hair orange and turned his eyes green. When Laurance was blind, Cadenza turned Laurance's eyes to normal.