Catch My Falling Sky / H.S. au

Catch My Falling Sky / H.S. au

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Emmy By emppawadap Updated Sep 11, 2016

[In the middle of editing.]

"But I want to be that person for you too. I want to be the one who catches the sky if it ends up falling on you." 

Emilee Lucas is a 20-year-old who is used to take care of herself and her now alcoholic father. She ends up working for Harry as his son's babysitter. When their relationships grow, Emilee needs to learn how to let other people take care of her and help her. It's just not as easy as it sounds.

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Nfager Nfager Apr 13
I wish that I could speak so many languages, but unfortunately languages have never been my strong side. I'm more into science. But I speak both Danish and English fluently and can understand Norwegian, Swedish and some German
Wife??? That was unexpected.. I thought he was divorced or something...
1DaddictedXOX 1DaddictedXOX Apr 05, 2016
That would be me, sorta haha I'm an anxious person so I'm always hovering but I try not to hover to much haha
hstyleskiwi hstyleskiwi Dec 05, 2016
how cute, usually harry has a daughter in fanfics and I always thought it would be cute if he had a son haha
13_beaches 13_beaches Jan 22
Why does your political party madder if all your doing is babysitting a kid
heyyyy12345 heyyyy12345 Nov 25, 2016