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LAnyways if you want to rp any senario here please comment one of the chapters.

 if I don't reply within two days then I don't want to rp. Ok? Thanks for understanding.

Rules: Lemons are allowed, Cursing is present, Violence is present, No God modding, have fun!

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AvrilVelasco4 AvrilVelasco4 Sep 24, 2017
I will say " Sup you been...I suppose I should RUN!!!!!
Shadow_Glider Shadow_Glider Apr 07, 2016
Break out the pocket knife and throw it at the mech's screen.
avelazazel avelazazel May 28, 2016
I laid down, trying to fool them that I wasn't in the car anymore. I ended up crying out of fear, giving away that I was there.
BlazingWolfofIce91 BlazingWolfofIce91 Jun 28, 2016
I stand there gawking, " Uh...Hi....u-um my name is Lilith..w-what's y-yours?" I say and give a cheesy smile
dark_clan_wizard dark_clan_wizard Oct 07, 2016
May I ? Quick info name: steph test hunter or test hunter, gender: female, kind: naga (half human half snake) eyes: electric blue serpent eyes, outfit: black military lab coat, black military hat, black military boots, electric blue bandana, shirt and pants, hair: brown (tucked in hair)
TheNsaneNtruder TheNsaneNtruder Jun 09, 2016
                              I tried to observe the lights still not noticing what the lights were coming from