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I murdered yoketron By SamuraiNight Updated Jul 08

LAnyways if you want to rp any senario here please comment one of the chapters.

 if I don't reply within two days then I don't want to rp. Ok? Thanks for understanding.

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Shadow_Glider Shadow_Glider Apr 07, 2016
Break out the pocket knife and throw it at the mech's screen.
pansexualnights pansexualnights May 28, 2016
I laid down, trying to fool them that I wasn't in the car anymore. I ended up crying out of fear, giving away that I was there.
BlazingWolfofIce91 BlazingWolfofIce91 Jun 28, 2016
I stand there gawking, " Uh...Hi....u-um my name is Lilith..w-what's y-yours?" I say and give a cheesy smile
dark_clan_wizard dark_clan_wizard Oct 07, 2016
May I ? Quick info name: steph test hunter or test hunter, gender: female, kind: naga (half human half snake) eyes: electric blue serpent eyes, outfit: black military lab coat, black military hat, black military boots, electric blue bandana, shirt and pants, hair: brown (tucked in hair)
TheNsaneNtruder TheNsaneNtruder Jun 09, 2016
                              I tried to observe the lights still not noticing what the lights were coming from
AutobotFlamedash24 AutobotFlamedash24 May 15, 2016
Stay quiet, lay low and wait for them to forget about me and leave