Taming My Husband

Taming My Husband

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'Say it'
'Say what'
'Say that you love me. I know you do'

With that Aditya turns his face away from me. 

'I am going to make you say it Adi. I promise I will', says Noor determined to get her husband to confess his love for her.

Aditya is a stubborn, dominating, hard headed man with trust issues.
Noor is a free soul with a bit of sarcasm and craziness. She has been waiting for the love of her life to sweep her off her feet only to realise that her man doesn't believe in love. But she is determined to win his heart like he has won hers.

Will she succeed? Or will she end up with a broken heart?

30,000 words approximately.

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Ditto. I was obsessed with werewolf novels at one point of time and I think I still am.
kimonaa kimonaa Jul 07, 2016
Hey when will you update the story.... By the way the story seems interesting and I can not wait to read the next part
Idk why but full moon made me think that he'll turn into Werewolf. 😂😂😂😂Werewolf stories has corrupted me so badly😂😂😂
bgirly16 bgirly16 Jul 06, 2016
Hey I really enjoyed your story! You should post more! You are really good! If you wouldn't mind checking out and commenting or voting on Chapter 13 of my book Firefly it'd mean a lot ☺️☺️❤️❤️
StarHowl StarHowl 2 days ago
                              MY BELOVED! I CAN'T FULL EXPLAIN THE LOVE I HAVE FOR YOU!
You know I find this 'hadi' rasam so hilarious it actually is similar to marinating chicken before cooking it . No offense to anyone