Various x Reader! ~CoD Zombies/Suicide Squad/Anime/Many More~

Various x Reader! ~CoD Zombies/Suicide Squad/Anime/Many More~

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『Dr. Richtofen』 By Im_My_Own_InSaNity Updated Jul 12

[Description is Mandatory before Requesting!!]

Welcome to my One-shot book!

All genres are welcome--though lemons, angst, and gore take me the longest.

Every Character belongs to a section. For example, Overwatch Characters are under the ||Overwatch|| Section

Any Character from anywhere that I know of is welcome! Including;

CoD Zombies
Super Smash Bros
Black Butler -Most Animes-
And many More!

[Requests Opacity;]

•Undertale (Closed Permanently)

•Overwatch (Open)

•Smash Bros -Characters- (Open)*

•Anime (Open)

•CoD Zombies (Open)

•Eddsworld (Open)*

•Suicide Squad (Open)




*: Sections not Inputted; Wait for Sections to be put up before requesting!!

Please, could you do a Humantale! Flowey x Gardener! Reader more o less o you are ocupated in the Anime one-shots?
Dominant Asgore X Submissive Sans please? I am crazy for Yaoi, here...
- - Sep 29, 2016
UF! Mettaton x scared reader please? Only if it's okay with you that is.
Eternal_Echo Eternal_Echo Oct 15, 2016
Can I request an Fellswap! Sans X Insane! Skeleton/Human Hybrid! Reader please?
FlairFennecFox FlairFennecFox Sep 29, 2016
Aftertale Sans X Undead Reader(I'm surprised nobody think of this before)
animecatstars animecatstars Sep 17, 2016
The combo of Ink and Error, Paperjam, then a PaperJam x Fresh Sans!!!!!