A Dash Of Hope (Dash X Danny)

A Dash Of Hope (Dash X Danny)

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ML_AnimeAngel By ML_AnimeAngel Updated 2 days ago

*I don't own Danny phantom or it's characters.

*This will rarely follow the original Danny Phantom story line. 

*The only people that know Danny's secret are Sam, Tucker and Jazz.

*This is a boy x boy. Don't like, don't read.

Dammit Dash! Let me go! I need to find Sam!" Danny yelled after Dash slammed him against the lockers 

"Shut it Fentonio! You can make out with your goth girlfriend later!" He yelled back, denying the jealous feeling swelling up in him. Danny blushed furiously "she's not my girlfriend" he said. "Yet" he mumbled the last part. Dash still heard him and even held on tighter.

I just love how a the tension erupted into a certain first encounter. XD