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Young Shay is a troubled young adult living in a dystopian society, where you are forced to participate in a game in which you're either killed if you lose or you do the killing.

She has intentions to stop this, but when she successfully gets to the final round and allows emotions to take over, will she be successful in going through with what she had initially planned?

Player /ˈpleɪə/

1. A person taking part in a competition or contest:
The player was unsuccessful in the game.

Completed: 8th January 2017

_disturbedmolly _disturbedmolly 5 days ago
The trailer was Gucci 😜💗 and how did you put the trailer together?
teddylynette teddylynette Aug 14, 2016
They was soo cute in her video together .. I kinda wish they were together in real life they match if you look at their features ..
Oh thoughts were somewhere else but this is interesting
- - Aug 28, 2016
Damn I Would Be Od Nervous😭 Peep Them Lyrics you not low😂😭