Finding My Lifeboat (Daryl Dixon Fanfic TWD)

Finding My Lifeboat (Daryl Dixon Fanfic TWD)

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IReadALot629 By IReadALot629 Updated Feb 03, 2015

Alone in a zombie infested world, with no one to watch her back. Angela Austin had accepted her nomad lifestyle, if not welcomed it. After the deaths of her parents and younger brother, the last thing she wanted was to grow to love anyone else. Ten months since the plague began, she saves a small group of survivors and instantly they offer her a spot in their group. After convincing her to test it out, she quickly discovers she is growing to care for this strange group of characters, especially one in particular. But with a past full of horror stories, will the group truly accept her, or will they treat her like everyone one else she has come across since the dead rose? More importantly, will Daryl still love her, even after he finds out about her past?
"Checking me out again, An? How much is there to look at?" He boldly asks me, opening his eyes to look at me. I laugh loudly before answering.

"There's a lot to look at, actually." I tell him. He slightly blushes at the compliment, but wraps an arm around my waist pulling me even closer to him, our bodies molding together. I lean up and place a kiss on his lips, which he greedily accepts. I pull away, sending him a shy smile, and lean my head into him.

"Goodnight Daryl." I whisper into his chest.

"Sweet dreams, An." He responds, and I feel my self begin to drift off.

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