I gave the Bad Boy CPR

I gave the Bad Boy CPR

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_AwesomeAbby_ By _AwesomeAbby_ Updated 21 hours ago

"You just wait, Sunshine, I'll get you to fall for me" he said in a deep, smoky voice. 

Arianna Caymen is your typical normal girl who has a CPR certificate. 

Shawn Black is your football star bad boy. 

Arianna just wants to get through her last year of high school, but when Shawn starts to choke and everyone else at River Dale high doesn't know CPR, that's when Arianna steps in. 

Just because she saved the bad boy's life doesn't mean she has any feels for him what so ever. 

But Shawn refuses to let a girl not fall for him.

FalakAlameddine FalakAlameddine 7 hours ago
Hell Yeaahhh i'm soo fan and dramatical with this story but like it waayy really 😂😂
FalakAlameddine FalakAlameddine 7 hours ago
Omg that incredible can he go get a life seriously not that everyone wants that abd well even if he reminds me of Shawn Mendes but still 😂😂😂😂
stardreamr stardreamr an hour ago
Isn't that a real school? Where is this school? California? Florida?
HollyOsgood HollyOsgood 3 days ago
lol depends on what "it" is 😉
                              EATING 30 BOXES OF PIZZAAAA
                              *thinks to self* "DAMN HE'S HOT!!"
lightwillleadtheway lightwillleadtheway Dec 05, 2016
What? A best friend character that doesn't control every aspect of the main characters life? No way!