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A Fictitious Relationship

A Fictitious Relationship

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Liberia By beyonceisnumber1 Completed

Beyoncé ran her offices with pride and empowerment, she loved to hire women and prove that a woman could do all a man could. Her area of work was dominated by men and so women found themselves discriminated against.  Beyoncé had enough of searching for a job she was unable to get because of her sex and started her own establishment with the help of a few powerful friends. She become the founder, the CEO and owner of the Knowles Institute of Science and Technology. She stopped working in the field itself so she could manage the business properly but never once let her Knowledge and skill go to waste as she often found herself giving lectures at Universities all over the World. She was successful, she was focused and she was happy. Then she was asked to do something silly. She was asked to be the fake girlfriend of her COO's Brother. Annie had told Beyoncé that she needed someone to pretend to be his girlfriend around the family just until the big wedding was over so that they would leave him alone. Beyoncé, being the lovely woman she is, agreed to do it. She assumed it would be fine. She could possibly become friends with this man and fake it perfectly then go home after the wedding. She didn't know that the man was famous, or that the wedding was going to last two weeks, or that she would have to share a room in a hotel with him. Oh well.

supaaflyy supaaflyy Apr 14
I'm here for this Black Excellence, this Black Girl Magic. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Loveonly1 Loveonly1 Jul 18, 2016
He's an ass', I don't see how he is so successful in life with that attitude
KylaKnowlesCarter KylaKnowlesCarter Jul 18, 2016
Somebody will find out and they'll probably have feelings by then
tygersoldierhive tygersoldierhive Oct 04, 2016
It would be hilarious if they hated each other and had to pretend 😂😂
nikettej nikettej Jul 18, 2016
I like that it's a long chapter. I'm very interested in this story.