Tres Marias and The Samaniegos

Tres Marias and The Samaniegos

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TRES MARIAS'. Three girls with different personalities. COLD, SHY and CHILDISH.

Their friendship is inseparable. Their rules are to be followed. They're rich, they're famous. They have the brains, beauty and charms that are hard to resist. They're adored by everyone, envied by many. They are avoided but they were most respected.

What if three boys... the three Samaniegos enter into the picture. A PLAYER, a BOY-NEXT-DOOR and an ARROGANT.

Will they build friendship or start hatred? 

Is it love? Is it hate? or Is it friendship?

Will the Samaniegos be able to break the unbreakable walls the Marias build to block everyone from entering into their restricted world?

Srh_Jnne Srh_Jnne Jun 24
Bakit hindi si Yuri yung isa? :( Yunyulseo shipper pa naman akooo.
heysaaaah heysaaaah Oct 28, 2016
Sa picture po sa TMTS 00
                              Yung si Seo hyun si M.Elisse
                              Si Tiffany si M.Louisse.
bbysuho- bbysuho- Apr 17, 2016
heysaaaah heysaaaah Oct 28, 2016
Tignan po ninyo sa taas ng comments 
                              Yung parang
                              Unang bumukas ang pulang(hanggang sa pangalan ni Elisse)
                              Sa baba po ay pic dapat ni tiffany hindi si seo hyun
                              Tama po ang cast pero ang pic sa episode na yun ay baligtad.
yeolmyderp yeolmyderp Oct 28, 2016
@HessaCusain4 here it is. Name ni Elisse(Tiffany) baka kasi di mo napansin 😊😊😊