Discovering the Mob

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Cora Star By CoraStar_ Updated 7 months ago
Helena Vasiliev, is twenty two, she loves to dance, it’s her passion. The music and beats take her away from a world where she was forced to kill innocent people. Her father is head of Division, an agency filled with talented assassins, and has forced her to complete an assignment that involves Francesco Genovese, a well-known mobster. She thought she could handle it, but when she realizes she's falling for this criminal she knows she's headed for the worst. Everyone thinks she's Helena Pierce, no one knows she's undercover and if they find out they won't hesitate to kill her.
    She doesn't know what's worst. Being killed by her own father or by her love.
How old is she? And I really love the tango scene, the way you described it with agony and jealousy or whatever was perfect!
It's interesting that for your mob family. You decided to use my family's name.
realllyy goood!!! post soonnn@!!!=) and that wass very immpressive i love ur writing!!!=_)