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RosesnWater By RosesnWater Updated a day ago

Avalon Capet, the youngest of three daughters, is a descendant of nobility and has been bred for the life of a lady ever since she was born. That is until her eleventh year, when her family is forced to leave France and escape to the forest village of Dusek.
      Her family adjusts to its new, penniless position in society, and Avalon struggles with both pain and loss, but almost never love. That is, until the dashing Noël Picoux, the successful and handsome son of her father's business partner, strides his way into her life. Unfortunately and unknowingly, he mistakes Avalon for her sister, Belle.
      However, life takes a deadly turn from scandalous to perilous when she finds out that after a financially disastrous venture, a contract was made between her father and a malevolent Faerie that binds the fate of their family to a single white rose.
      Avalon will soon find that the biggest antagonist she faces might just be the only person who can steal her heart.

jinaknez jinaknez Mar 14
Love the name. I'm Czech, so I actually understand it and I have to say it was a brilliant idea!!!!*♡*
Jojo_the_Rad_Penguin Jojo_the_Rad_Penguin Jul 17, 2016
This is such an amazing prologue! I'm really impressed with your knowledge of myths and Faerie lore, and how you incorporated that into your story. Please, keep up the great work, I can't wait to read more of your future works.  :)
Jojo_the_Rad_Penguin Jojo_the_Rad_Penguin Jul 17, 2016
Such a good movie! One of my favorite Beauty and the Beast retellings!
Woah, this is one of the best intros I have ever met!! It drew me in immediately and basically has all the right stuff!  I love all this faerie lore and the way you wrote the Netvor part.  It creeped me out!  From what I've read, I have a very high opinion of you as a writer right now :D
chatt3rb0x chatt3rb0x Apr 20, 2016
I love how you've incorporated so much faerie lore into this chapter, and given us a lovely insight into the background of your story. It is quite chilling how you've written the telling of the story and I'm really intrigued as the Netvor. lovely start!
no_kidding no_kidding Sep 27, 2016
That's one of my favorites. I've seen it multipul times, even though it's in a different language. (Hooray for closed captioning!)