But... I'm NOT gay! ( Vhope )

But... I'm NOT gay! ( Vhope )

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Hoseok claims he's not gay, and he has done for a while now.

The rest of his friends have came out to him already but he just stands his ground...

That's until, he meets Taehyung.


TheLKJ TheLKJ Nov 29
Notice how the only ones who have legit abs are the Danceline XD
-chimmy -chimmy May 10
This is my first time reading Vhope bc I ship Vkook but oh well
TheLKJ TheLKJ Nov 29
Yup seems legit
                              Sounds like my crush 
                              But I swear every time I txt him he's horny af
TheLKJ TheLKJ Nov 29
I almost bursted out laughing and then I realised there are other people here too
TheLKJ TheLKJ Nov 29
I was about to say....
                              Actually I don't know what I was going to say
TheLKJ TheLKJ Nov 29
I usually go into great detail when I'm making a disgusting point