First Date || Miraculous Ladybug

First Date || Miraculous Ladybug

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A four chapter fanfic


After Ladybug rejected Chat Noir's date invitation, Adrien was a brokenhearted mess. Three days later, Chloe announced that she and Adrien were official, and it was Marinette's turn to be the brokenhearted mess. Marinette then made a decision that the next time she sees Chat Noir, she will accept his date invitation.

Which...will lead them to knowing each others identities behind the mask.

My name is Indigo Montoi-Noir, You killed my father. Prepare to die.
But don't feel bad! Because your the love of her life! Mmkay cya
Plagg is my soul. Cats aren't even my favorite thing, but MAN I love Plagg
holi_holy_ holi_holy_ Nov 01
Change cheese for gummies/chocolatte/something that taste like coffe and Plagg is me.
;-; *sniff* Don't worry Chat, I know the feeling all too well. ;-;
It's true though. All the mayor does is be manipulated by Chloe and just spoil her.