Jazellee Yzarei Swan (Edward Cullen's Mate)

Jazellee Yzarei Swan (Edward Cullen's Mate)

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There is so many unknown creatures all over the world what if I am one of them? actually I am an full blooded angel and I can turned into a vampire and any kind of shape shifter my family didn't know because their full attention is towards to Bella and I am the unwanted one but I don't understand why? my mom and stepdad always ignore me all the time they didn't even realized that they we're hurting me mentally and Bella is very nice to me all the love of a sister she gave to me and when I need advice she is always there to cheer me up and Bella decided to go to Forks with me I am very excited because she knows that I feel out of love and left out.... I hope that everyone would accept me and love what I am and who I am.... I wish I can find my mate there......

"Stupid people prefer to be beautiful in outside not on the inside because they know everyone will adore and love those people but smart people prefer to be simple on the outside and beautiful on the inside and you're lucky to have a simple girl that will love you who you are and what you are even if you're a vampire, werewolf or any other creature...."

Author's note:
Bella didn't discovered that Edward was a Vampire and there is no Edward - Bella shipping but there is Jacob - Bella shipping please support this book I tried very best so I came up with this hope you liked it love you guys Don't forget to vote and comment   this is Franzster_Rocks signing off

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_shadowbabe_99 _shadowbabe_99 Oct 22, 2017
They’re or they are* I’m sorry dude I know it’s annoying when people do this but I’m such a grammar freak idek know why.
NakaharaSunako22 NakaharaSunako22 Nov 19, 2017
Mind reading Edward, seeing the future Alice, Emotion changer Jasper, super strength Emmett, Shield Bella,  I don't even know what power Rosalie has
CrazyTwilightTears CrazyTwilightTears Apr 06, 2016
Hey guys can you please tell me who will be Jazellee Yzarei Swan? The choices is in the author's note