Stalker Hetalia x Reader

Stalker Hetalia x Reader

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2pAnime-Girl By 2pAnime-Girl Updated Nov 25

You have been getting the feeling you are being watched for days now at school... But who is it? Will you stay calm or move away? Will you get kidnapped? Will you survive?

Well ya better start reading!!!

Sorry for crappy summary I'm bad at it. 
This is a yandere stalker hetalia x reader to be clear

 So these will 
have parts to them sooooo be prepared and you will not lose your virginity in this book

TheRandomGarl TheRandomGarl 16 hours ago
What a great greeting for early mornings~ Especially on 1:17 am~
Its good, but to make it easier to read, I would recommend changing the she/he and his/her to them or their. It would make the story much more fluent.
s-atan s-atan Oct 07
I would never not have a bad morning if this is what I'll see every day
Relodia Relodia Oct 04
That would never happen hun. But I'll cut it off as soon as possible c: