All For You (Manxboy) Book 1

All For You (Manxboy) Book 1

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Ethan is a twenty year old whose been barely making ends meet when he is evicted and loses his job while being a single dad to his daughter, Julie.  To take care of her he breaks into a shed so they have some shelter while he looks for a job to get back on his feet.

Carter Stevens is a twenty-nine year old trust fund kid who was the 'black sheep' of his family and a bit of a player when it came to the ladies.  He partied all night and never worked a day in his life until his family wants him to take care of the demo job on an old family vacation home.  He is surprised to find a young man and his baby girl staying there.  

Against his better judgement he lets him stay there on the condition that he help with fixing the place up.  However, neither one can avoid the chemistry between the two of them or how much Carter enjoys spending his days with Ethan and Julie.  Or how Ethan can't deny how much he's come to care for the guy who saved him and his daughter.

Much Love

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gigglesnkicks gigglesnkicks Oct 15, 2016
I'm not a monster (mostly), but if Ethan  were smart, he would recognize that he can't take care of his daughter, and give her to a family that could take care of her.
tea_dreams11 tea_dreams11 Apr 15, 2016
Would you just NOT?!?? He's already had a really rough time and now you're doing this?!
tea_dreams11 tea_dreams11 Apr 15, 2016
Oh man, if that was me I would've him bàtshît crazy on this hooligan
tea_dreams11 tea_dreams11 Apr 15, 2016
Oh my gosh, it's none of their business who he loved and who he choose to have a baby with! People are so judgmental! And not helping him simply because he is "not a woman" is discrimination! What is this world coming to?!
tea_dreams11 tea_dreams11 Apr 15, 2016
We always have a choice! Instead of firing him, why don't you refer him to another job so him and his daughter aren't freaking homeless?! Why kind of person kicks a man when he's down?!