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DOLAN DADDY By dolanbabyz Completed

Sure he was a fuckboy, but maybe if I could just give him a taste of his own medicine.


I thought it said Grayson Brant Dolan, I was this she's writing a Grayson fanfiction and she doesn't knoe he's last name😂😂 but then I remembered it was a Ethan Dolan fanfiction
ethans__babe ethans__babe 4 days ago
Gurl is like "I don't fûck wit fûckboys" BITCH THAT ABOUTTA CHANGE REAL HARD DON'T AT ME
Yeah honey, keep telling yourself that after 5 more chapters I dare you
ethans__babe ethans__babe 4 days ago
Everyone right now search "Shithead" on google. Watch the video I assure you it will enrich your life and surely be worth your while.