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My Bully Lives Next Door |G•D

My Bully Lives Next Door |G•D

36.5K Reads 1.2K Votes 33 Part Story
Aylaxrose By GrantBailey1999 Completed

"Why do you hurt me?"

"Baby...there's so many reasons that I have to ask the question, why not?"

Wildest_Dolan Wildest_Dolan Aug 15, 2016
Gurrrl my parents still make me go to school if I'm sick😂😂
DiamondDolan DiamondDolan Aug 28, 2016
My mom is like "you can try to go to school"and im like "betch whaaaat?do i look like that"
lestablishedl lestablishedl Jun 30, 2016
No my parents just say "go back to bed i'll call the school"
GrayBaeEthanBae GrayBaeEthanBae Oct 16, 2016
My mom be like let's go to the doctor I be like " I'm good now"
Ariz2367 Ariz2367 Dec 29, 2016
Nope, whenever I try to play sick my moms checks my temperature and says "your ok stop playing sick and go change"
tiffanyraygoza tiffanyraygoza Jul 06, 2016
My mom always does that I'm like "Ebola." Like what kind of sick? Wtf