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"Expecto Patronum"

"Expecto Patronum"

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Alekei Lee Smith By AlekeiAngel Completed

Hadrian James Malfoy was completely puzzled at his 'Patronus' change.
You see Hadrian before he went to have a talk with the Gobblins at Gringotts, went by the name of Harry James Potter. After a very insightful talk he changed his name back to his 'Birth' name, now going back for his 4rth Year Albus is in for a rude awakening and things have changed 'Drastically' 
Why has his Patronus changed over the course of one year?
Is Hadrian 'Powerful' enough to prove his Godfather is 'Innocent'
It all starts with a bit of 'Healing' after some 'Life-Altering Pain'

I just love that his patronus is a stag cause Snape's and lily's patronus were both does. Lily got with James cause they were soul mates: A stag and a doe.
                              Snape is a doe and Harry is a stag so technically Harry and Snape could have gotten together and that makes me feel warm inside.
So glad I live in england * floo's to privert drive *  Duddly where are youuuu ? * brings out wand when i found dudders*
                              Me: what's the magic word?
                              Dudders:please ?
                              Me: No  it's CRUCIO!
Raevyn87 Raevyn87 Apr 16
It's spelt *legit*. It seems to be one of the common spelling mistakes in the HP Fanfics.
Demon_ruler Demon_ruler Aug 14, 2016
Normal question to ask a three year old. Extremely weird question to ask a 13 year old
lunafanlover lunafanlover Nov 28, 2016
MarshmellyPuff MarshmellyPuff Jul 07, 2016
Here he is carefully stating his entire life so far and I'm just like "girl how can you say all that in one breath? (´・Д・)」are ya on some wizard shiz or something?"