twd one-shots

twd one-shots

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madi By potatojesus- Updated Jan 27, 2017

❝fight the dead, fear the living❞

the walking dead one-shots and imagines.

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 created april 4th, 2016
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 i don't own anything except for my character(s) and plot(s). anything familiar belongs to it's rightful owners.

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You cannot start a oneshots book with something so heartbreaking!!!
Trin714 Trin714 Jan 14, 2017
I want to see the after math now you should make a book about this one
AutyyTheOtterLover AutyyTheOtterLover Jan 15, 2017
When you go to reply the same thing cause you forgot your read this😂
CatDragon16 CatDragon16 Feb 16, 2017
I got the song from demi lovato singing don't forget in my head
Lyensworld Lyensworld Oct 18, 2016
I don't know why I decided to read this at university now I'm literally on the verge of crying in front of everyone
                              THE FEELS
TheShipperOfTheGays TheShipperOfTheGays Dec 20, 2016
* breaths in and out fast * IM NOT CRYING! I never cry! 😭