Fragile Teeth 🔪 Petekey

Fragile Teeth 🔪 Petekey

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I'm older than you By 20_dollar_nosebleed Completed

Crimson. Red. That deep, oozing color that seeps from a human's veins as the light leaves their eyes, their chest falling as they take their last breath. It's like adrenaline, the feeling coursing through your body and making your breathing erratic from the taste. You lick your teeth, watching the red, pulsating line in their neck, just begging to be cut. You lurch forward, bare your fangs.

You dig in.


Cover by @SeraphStarshine

do i imagine this as pete or mikey wuh
                              i'm just assuming pete
i had fake vampire fangs once for halloween and i literally never took them out i loved them
Im imagining him with his head back and sniffing loudly and just turning in random directions help
That one spn episode where the glittery blood is on the moms face